A unique idle game where you operate and upgrade a server farm.

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What’s better than waiting for something to download on slow internet access? Watching the simulation of much faster internet speeds!

Sit idle and run your own server farm. Download a list of programs to sell on the black market. Each download is larger and offers a larger reward.

Purchase faster network access to increase your idle download rate and upgrade your server farm to to boost your productivity and progression!

Purchase network upgrades to get some huge boosts in download speed.

Can you download the entire internet and find out what data is hidden inside!?

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Developed by:
BeaverApps Published 2 years ago

1 post Anthony Paul Bastien

2 months ago by APbastien

Getting new phone; one phone had to preempt....it stays where it is to substantiate its progress for stability, Tonnesphere poses no threat. Still alive...despite everything; everyone is here and main...


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