Craft inventions & Discover recipes (iOS)

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● Can you build a civilization?


● Most updated iOS game of 2016. (61 times)
● Mash of 6 genres: RPG, Puzzle, Incremental, Adventure, Unfolding, Crafting
● Most of our players play 20+ hours, are you one of them?
● “You've never played anything like Dawn of Crafting!” -Notch


We both hate that stuff.

If you’re not satisfied, we’re not satisfied.

Play in your metro and toilet!

Prestige and keep going!

Play at your own pace or craft like a madman!

Average people may run out of brain RAM.


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Developed by:
demiculus Published 4 years ago

1 post Great game!

3 years ago by Ooyan

Not a web game but great for an app. Nice job to the devs

1 post My favorite game

3 years ago by Dominic

I have to say, out of all the games I have played this one is easily the best. It is a recipe finding, non idle incremental that has tons of potential that keeps me hooked for hours every time I open ...

1 post One of a kind game!

3 years ago by Slavez

It's an amazing game by great developers. They truly care about their players, either by taking suggestions or by not being too greedy with money by not putting in iaps and no ads! They are also not...

1 post THE Crafting game!

3 years ago by wickerbottom

I don’t usually give reviews but this game has just became one of the classics. It has very simple interface to learn but you make challenging decisions every time you want to craft something. H...

1 post More Depth in Game

4 years ago by FoFum

This is a super-fun and totally addictive game. I've spend endless hours discovering and unlocking progressively more powerful challenges. Having said that, it would be nice to see less complexity and...

1 post Love this game

4 years ago by Peragin

I like to compare this to Anti-Idle, in the sense that it's basically the only one of its kind, and the dev(s) (in the case of AI) are pretty active. Of course, that's where the similarities end. Cra...

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