Raid begins here! Attack the bases and save those aliens they've been hiding from us! 

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A game that was developed/based on the announcement of the Storm Area 51 Facebook Event. In Area Raiders you find yourself on the side of raiders trying to breach the Base defenses to save the aliens they kept in various government outpost!   To defeat the base, you'll need to gain extra media attention to spawn more raiders rushing and train them well to proceed. Unlock the special abilities of units so you can breach the “impenetrable” fortresses the government has built to keep us away…and don't forget to reveal the secrets to unlock new content and powers.   Features  

  •  Fight on 2 different worlds, all with their own unique defenses and challenges *  Level up by  saving all aliens they are hiding within the bases
  • Easy-to-pick-up game, filled with challenges and different playing strategies *  Warning: A funny story accompanies the gameplay
  •  Addictive raiding mechanics, that just never stops!
  •  Experience various type of raiding powers by completing the whole Skill tree
  • Prestige mechanics to start over with bigger boosts
  • Raid.Defeat.Reveal!

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WarClicks Published 1 year ago

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