Stoke the fire. Attract strange wanderers. Explore dusty paths...

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A Dark Room is not your usual internet video game, indeed it is not even a video game. Rather, A Dark Room is a text based role playing, multiple choice game. The game starts with the player walking into a dark room (duhhhhh) wherein they meet a injured stranger. After a certain amount of time the player is able to wander into the forest to collect firewood to stoke the fire you have built in your cabin.

As previously stated, this is a old school, text based game, that means it's primary focus is on storytelling. Giving you choices that make you think as apposed to button mashing. Player character options are available in small, clean text boxes that can be clicked on. Certain actions can only be completed at certain locations, for example, you can only gather wood in the forest. And other actions can only be done when you have the requisite number of items (for example, you need ten pieces of wood to build a trap to catch the animals that come at you from the darkness of the forest).

All in all a very solid game with a mysterious sense of dread and danger, so long as you don't mind all the reading, highly recommended.

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