Abundant Money Clicker Game

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An incremental game, which is a little different than other clickers. Money is abundant here. We can buy one building after another. The problem is, you shouldn’t buy them too fast. You have to plan buying them in an optimal pace. From one hand, buy them frequently so your money raises fast. From the other hand, don’t buy them too fast. If you buy too fast, your cash balance reaches zero and you lose. After buying the last building, the timer sets off and counts from a minute. You win after that minute. Your score is the game completion time and gathered money. This game is simply awesome. Play it right now.

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1 post Great game, but...

11 months ago by FoFum

I really love this game, but I hate that I beat it in such a relatively short space of time. What else do we have to look forward to when it comes to this game?

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