1. WarClicks

First community clicking game - fight for your country

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2. Idle Miner Tycoon

Build a mining empire!

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3. Dawn of Crafting

Craft inventions & Discover recipes (iOS)

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4. Stranger Oceans

You are a shark in a strange blue sea

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5. Junction Gate

Stranded on a space station, you must find a way to survive...

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6. AdVenture Capitalist

World domination starts with a lemonade stand...

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7. Kittens Game

Gather catnip to attract kittens

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8. A Dark Room

Stoke the fire. Attract strange wanderers. Explore dusty paths...

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9. Reactor Incremental

An incremental clicker/idler about managing a nuclear reactor!

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10. Overlod

You are evil incarnate, the vagrant death, the Dark Lord.

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11. PokéClicker

Pokemon inspired incremental game

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12. Space Plan

Farm potatoes in space

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13. ClickTube - Incremental Youtube Game

Become a famous and rich Youtuber!

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14. Slurpy Derpy

Breed the Slurpiest Derps! Evolve to conquer new worlds!

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15. EcoClicker

Early Alpha

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16. Clicker Heroes

Almost like Pokemon and Mario combined

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17. Cookie Clicker

Exploit grandma in pursuit of delicious profits

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18. Streamer

Twitch.tv simulator

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19. Bitcoin Billionaire

An idle clicker that's all about raking in bitcoins and building up a massi...

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20. TapZ

TapZ Incremental [WIP]

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Dig Away! - Idle Mining Game

New Mining Themed Idle Clicker on Android

Idle Pixel Legends

New Idle game released!

A Small War

Stuck in a rut? Why not get stuck in a bigger one?

Idle Bar Tycoon

Manage your bar - get idle profits !

Tree Tap Idle Money Clicker

Fun incremental tree clicking game

Idlers and Dungeons

Idle adventure set in a dungeon

Groundhog Life

Develop your career and personality. Repeat. Why? You need t...

Idle Oasis

Plant, grow and sell plants

I Want To Be A Billionaire 2

Start businesses and become a billionaire!

Tube Clicker

Become a Youtube star by clicking

Trump Clicker

Click on Donald Trump, earn money and help him win election...

Eternity Tower

Mine, craft and ascend the tower

Heart of Galaxy

Build your space empire and conquer alien civilizations

Idle Accelerator

Produce energy with particles

Gem Drop

Drop gems. Get money.

Banana Stand

There is always money in the Banana Stand!

Cats Who Stare At Ghosts

You are a cat and exorcise ghosts with your paws (Android)

Panda Tap

You are panda... Now tap!

Secret Miner

You notice something strange is happening below your mine!

Georgie Clicker

Seinfeld Clicker Game

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1 post Excellent Game

2 weeks ago by frank

This is one of the best incremental games I've seen in some time. It has depth, and strategy.

1 post Great game!

3 months ago by Ooyan

Not a web game but great for an app. Nice job to the devs

1 post My favorite game

4 months ago by Dominic

I have to say, out of all the games I have played this one is easily the best. It is a recipe finding, non idle incremental that has tons of potential that keeps me hooked for hours every time I open ...

1 post One of a kind game!

4 months ago by Slavez

It's an amazing game by great developers. They truly care about their players, either by taking suggestions or by not being too greedy with money by not putting in iaps and no ads! They are also not...

1 post THE Crafting game!

4 months ago by wickerbottom

I don’t usually give reviews but this game has just became one of the classics. It has very simple interface to learn but you make challenging decisions every time you want to craft something. H...

1 post I love this game

6 months ago by Sebinsky

This is the kind of game i love ! It's really fun to guide a civilization from the begining from the stone age until the moment when they join your galactic alliance, along with facing possible extinc...

1 post un peu frustrant

7 months ago by siobane

j'ai fini ce jeu en quelques heures à peine. Ma bibliothèque est complète. Il faut un peu de patience pour débloquer les 3 derniers niveaux. Le jeu continue de tourner même quand il est terminé,...

1 post How to get past tier 8?

7 months ago by idleatry

I've been playing this game and I can't seem to discover the eight tier mutations. I have the first one, but I haven't progressed past that in a long time. Is there a trick that involves prior tier...

1 post Original clicker - Multiplayer clicker

7 months ago by JeanVal

I love the multiplayer side of the game ! Is it the first multiplayer Clicker ?? It is very funny to act like a Youtuber, increase gains per click, unlock success etc ! I have $23 000 !! :D

1 post Hacking As An Option

8 months ago by Code62

Great game, but I have one suggestion.. Give players the option to hack into another virtual computer, another player, to steal things......like temp. control or IP addresses, to add to yours.

1 post Back To The Drawing Board

8 months ago by Code62

I like the concept, but this game wasn't implemented well at all. To the creators......take this as a learning experience so you can make something really good out of the concept. You could have a rea...

1 post They Add Up Fast

8 months ago by Code62

Your money adds up quickly, but there seems to be a few glitches that need to be addressed. I don't know if it's in the coding, but the way everything "flows" together needs to be worked on.

1 post You had me at Philosopher's stone...

8 months ago by Lorna

This is one super exciting game for me. I love all things sciency and this game doesn't disappoint. Thanks for sharing it, and could you share some strategies and tips and maybe some cheats?

1 post Great game, but...

8 months ago by FoFum

I really love this game, but I hate that I beat it in such a relatively short space of time. What else do we have to look forward to when it comes to this game?

1 post Why Meters?

8 months ago by Code62

Not that it's a big deal, but why the measurement in meters? And just so people know, upgrades is another word for parts. So far so good though, I like this one.

1 post Great game made even better

8 months ago by FoFum

It's great to experience the power of socialism in this exciting game. I love the format that they have brought the Adventure Capitalist game back in. Great work!

1 post Layout of game quite messy

8 months ago by Lorna

This is a nice game, as far as incremental games go, but I have to say that the layout is not very appealing and there is a lot that could be done to improve the sound effects. Just my opinion.

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